Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery: A New Way of Choosing Where to Eat in the World

Blackwell & Ruth

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Jill Dupleix and Giles Coren
Blackwell & Ruth
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Illustrated in colour throughout
A guide to the world's truly exemplary, organic, sustainable, and ethical restaurants.

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery: A Guide to the Truly Good Restaurants and Food Experiences of the World is part of a series of the world's first guides to truly exemplary, organic, sustainable, and ethical restaurants. Edited by Jill Dupleix, Giles Coren and fifty of the world's leading food writers, the guide features 490 inspirational restaurants from forty-five countries so you can easily find exemplar restaurants wherever you are, and enjoy sustainable, ethical and simply good food. Also accompanied by an easy-to-use mobile-optimised website highlighting inspiring exemplar restaurants

Five per cent of the publisher's revenue from sales of this book will be donated to Action Against Hunger to support their efforts to provide food, clean water and nutrition programmes to combat hunger and malnutrition for children and their families in 50 countries around the world.